We’ve mowed ’em, cut ’em, dug ’em, 
weed-wrenched ’em, and chipped ’em.
Now they’re gonna be munched!

With your help, Mozart the goat and his friends 

will eat ’em right up . . .
the invasive autumn olives in Vineyard Field, that is.

Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt is pleased to announce that Southampton Town has approved our plans for a pilot project to bring goats to the Vineyard Field Grassland Restoration where they will gnaw away at the ever-persistent invasive autumn olive regrowth. Town Council members not only endorsed this environmentally sensitive approach to controlling infestations of invasive plants, they offered their financial support by voting, unanimously, to contribute $3,500 to the project.

As gratified as we are by the town’s support, the reality is that their appropriation will cover only half of the cost of the six-month program, so we are asking for your help in making up the difference.

We are brimming with enthusiasm about using this natural method of removing non-native species at Vineyard Field — a first-of-its-kind project for the East End — and we hope you will share in this exciting new stage of the grassland restoration.

Please consider a gift at one of the levels shown below, though donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.  You may click here for a printable form to mail in with your check or here to donate using PayPal.

Nibbler . . . . $25

Muncher . . . $50

Chewer . . . . $75

Chomper . . $100

Masticator . $250

Pulverizer .  $500

Thank You Very Munch!

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