News Articles: Vehicle Impound Lot

1/9/19 The Sag Harbor Express:  Despite Protests, Village Board Proceeds with Impound Lot Plan
1/9/19 The Southampton Press:  Bid for Sag Harbor Impound Lot Approved by Village Board Amid Protestors
1/7/19 The Sag Harbor Express:  Sag Harbor Village Board to Vote Tuesday on Impound Lot Funding
11/28/18 The Sag Harbor Express:  Editorial: Time to Reconsider Impound Yard
11/21/18 The East Hampton Star:  Activists Against Plan for Impound Yard
11/14/18 The Sag Harbor Express:  Corish Urges Village Board to Rethink Impound Lot Near Greenbelt
11/14/18 The Southampton Press:  Sag Harbor Residents Approach Village Board with Concerns for Havens Beach and Potential Impound Lot
10/10/18 The Sag Harbor Express:  Sag Harbor Village Moves Forward on Impound Yard
7/20/18  The East Hampton Press:  Petitioners Ask Sag Harbor Village to Preserve Proposed Impound Lot
7/12/18 The East Hampton Star:  Sag Harbor Revisits Impound Site
7/11/18 The Sag Harbor Express: Trustee Takes Sides on Proposed Sag Harbor Police Impound Lot
7/4/18 The Sag Harbor Express:  Greenbelt Impound Yard Approved by Planning Board
7/3/18 The East Hampton Press: Sag Harbor Village’s Proposed Impound Lot is Approved by Southampton Town Planning Board
6/28/18 News12:  Environmentalists: Vehicle Impound Plan Puts Protected Land at Risk
6/28/18 News12:  Plan for New Vehicle Impound Riles Environmentalists
6/27/18  The East Hampton Press:  Proposed Sag Harbor Impound Lot Faces Southampton Approval, Fears of Further Development
6/13/18 The Sag Harbor Express:  All Eyes on Dragonflies as Water Quality Conversation Continues
5/31/18 The East Hampton Star:  Debate Vehicle Impound Yard
5/30/18 The Sag Harbor Express:  Residents Decry Impound Yard in Long Pond Greenbelt
5/17/18 The East Hampton Star:  Environmentalists Find Fault in Sag Harbor Plan
5/9/18 The Sag Harbor Express:  Preservationists Call for Relocation of Proposed Impound Lot
5/3/18 The Sag Harbor Express:  Editorial: A Measured Approach
5/2/18 The Sag Harbor Express:  Proposed Impound Yard Attracts Critics
5/1/18 The East Hampton Press:  Environmentalists Concerned About Sag Harbor Village Plan For Impound Yard Near Long Pond Greenbelt
4/26/18 The East Hampton Star:  Nature Notes: Up a Creek, With Paddle